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FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions

We know you may have a lot of questions and we want to provide you with the right answers. Below are common questions asked about our services.

Search Engine Optimization 

1. Why doesn’t my site rank very well in the searches on certain search engines?


Answer: Having your website rank high in search engine results can be very complicated and the rules for search engine optimization (SEO) are always changing. Here are some reasons why your website might not be performing well.


  • Incorrect usage of title tags or no title tag content

  • Overuse of phrases or words (Spam)

  • Mislabeling of heading tags

  • Missing or wrong ALT tags

  • Not enough correct content in first 250 characters on each page

  • Not enough words on a page (200 words)

  • Not enough pages on your website

  • No links from other websites directing to your website

  • Not submitting your website to search directories

2.. How long does it take for your SEO changes to show results?


Answer: It can range anywhere from 30 days to 24 months of proper changes and submissions to show results on the search engines, depending on the type of search and filters.


3. What is my website ranking dependent on?


Answer: Search engine results are dependant on a lot of factors and overall performance.


The specific keyword phrases (search terms) that have been targeted

The overall competitiveness of your industry – how many players are there

Whether you are targeting a regional, national, or international market

How well ranking is monitored and the site tweaked over time for SEO improvement

The progress of your one way relevant link building campaign

Number of competitor sites achieving new ranking themselves


4. Does every page of my website really need to be optimized?


Answer: Yes. When your website has multiple pages, it is a possible engagement point and has to be optimized. In some cases, only certain pages will be linked or show up in results. You must have every page prepared as the initial entry point for your website.


5. Why are SEO services expensive?


Answer: SEO is a very time consuming task that requires constant maintenance and review. SEO is now one of the most important aspects of any business and can generate a surprisingly big increase in clientele. The digital era has already started and SEO is the forefront of marketing exposure.


6. Can you guarantee a number #1 position in the search engines?


Answer: No, it’s impossible to guarantee a #1 result every time. As trillions of keywords and content is published every day, it requires a lot of hours of work to do it properly. We can guarantee that your SEO results will be greatly improved and your business engagement will see significant increase. We see SEO as the battlefield in which digital marketing is constantly in contention and we want to make sure you are ready for battle!

Pay Per Click Management

1. How is the Google Quality Score managed?


Answer: Google Quality Scores are based on your keywords, ad text, tags, and landing pages. It is very important to have focused targeting for ad groups with a smaller set of keywords and then provide better ad texts so the click-through rates are better. It is also important to have landing pages have specific keywords to show relevance to start engagement.


2. What are the first steps in getting started with PPC?


Answer: A strategy is needed to be established with a carefully planned rollout structure in order to not negatively impact results and possibly lose any account history.


3. What kind of reporting will I have access to?


Answer: Any reports can be generated per request. A thorough analysis can be done on your account to show statistics, including monthly reports.


4. Will I have access to Google Analytics reporting and Adwords?


Answer: Yes, part of your implementation is having your own Google Analytics page setup for you if you don’t have one already. Please be aware that with a managed PPC solution, we will ask that any and all changes are done by O4S; as this may adversely affect your results.


5. How do we communicate?


Answer: You will have email and call support within 24 hours of a request. Our staff is highly responsive and can address any issues or questions that you have.


6. How does keyword research work?


Answer: We used a variety of keyword search tools to show the best set of keywords and their variations for the best results.  Keyword research needs to be done constantly to ensure your website has the best result. It is important that we generate not just traffic to your website but the correct traffic that will result in increased revenue or lead generation.


7. What kind of quality assurance will you be doing?


Answer: A key part of a PPC strategy is ongoing tests on ad text results on an ongoing basis. We use a variety of messaging and action calls to see what benefits will be shown on results. Submitting different requests to see what will generate the most click-through rate. It is also very important to modify landing pages accordingly to align with these tests.


8. What is your cost?


Answer: Cost is different for every client, as needs and growth is different. With guidance from you and an agreed strategy. The hours required to execute the strategy may be different from month to month and we want to make sure you are satisfied with your results.


9. How can we be sure all potential opportunities for improvement are taken?


Answer: Our in-house experts engage in continual education and often participate in many conferences and training courses, to make sure our solution is ever changing and growing to keep up with the pace.

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