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One4Social is a complete digital marketing agency. With over two decades of experience, we are well versed in a wide array of markets. We specialize in curating the right plan to maximize your reach while helping you identify your target demographic. Through authentic campaigns and strategic storytelling, we will create award-winning content that helps grow your business. We want to expand your online presence while establishing your brand and identity to today's ever-changing marketplace. 


One4Social is more than a full-service B2B marketing solution—we are an extension of your team. We are the one stop shop for all marketing needs and we offer a wide variety of services that your company will need to be successful. Our staff will work with your staff in developing and executing digital/web marketing campaigns, inbound marketing, lead generation, brand building, new product/service launches and even content creation.


For many years we have provided clients with innovative and reliable marketing solutions in a variety of different industries. Whether it’s a car show, restaurant, bar, nightclub or tech company; we can provide valuable insight into the marketing world.


We are passionate about driving our clients to succeed, while having fun and enjoying the moment.


What we do…

We work with you to establish your current needs and what your goals are for short and long term. We strive to grow your business at your speed and the right direction. We are the ultimate one stop shop to help you grow your marketing strategy and increase revenue.


How we do it…

We believe that the landscape of online marketing is always changing and marketing strategies need to be dynamic to adapt. We understand the need to review marketing campaigns, review results and adjust accordingly. We want to help you navigate the marketing tasks so you can focus on your core business and your core passion. Leave the digital marketing to us!


Tin Le
Chief Executive Officer

Tin is the Chief Executive Officer of O4S and has been working in the tech sector for over 20 years. Tin has been a part of a series of successful tech startups during his career.

Having managed many large scale operations for some of the largest companies in Silicon Valley, he has experience in a very expansive set of experience with systems, networks, security and logistics. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and enjoys spending time with his family and traveling.

Justin Aquino
Chief Operations Officer

Justin Aquino has had a passion for business at a very young age. Justin has co-founded several businesses that have forged new trends and new innovations.

With over 15 years of successful projects under his belt from restaurant and hospitality, apparel and merchandising, and branding projects, Justin is well versed with a clear vision of what it takes to streamline a successful business and see it through from top to bottom. 

Darren Chiu
Art Director 

Darren's ability to translate someone's napkin sketch into fruition is uncanny. His talent to take an idea and bring it to new levels is remarkable.

With a strong foundation in typography, Darren has a detailed eye for design and composition which led him to the position of creative lead and sole control of all social media and marketing content for various projects. Currently, he is expanding his skills in the field of UX/UI design with new ventures based out of Southern California.

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