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Having a Social Media presence is more important than ever for not only increasing your brand and potential customers, but also potentially increasing your organic search results since Google now encompasses Social Media into its algorithm.


The use of online social media outlets exploded into our culture about ten years ago and its popularity has done nothing but escalate since then. Virtually every major company uses it to create special relationships with their clientele and promote whatever new product or service that they are introducing.


Utilizing Major Social Media Outlets for Marketing is a Must


Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are highly interactive, and unlike any other form of advertising allow a firm to instantly spread their message. The key to being successful using this form of marketing is to generate as many followers as possible while providing engaging content on a regular basis.


Another benefit that social media provides a company is that most people will enthusiastically endorse an organization if they truly appreciate it enough. Social interaction with your customer base will keep engagement and encourage returning customers. When this happens a customer will recommend their products or websites to their friend’s using interactive social networking. In some cases this will drastically increase a company’s followers without them having to spend any time or effort on the project.


Social Media is a Low Cost Highly Effective Form of Marketing


One4Social Solutions offers social media management professionals that have been using and researching this form of marketing for many years now. During that time, we have created quite a few highly successful advertising campaigns for a wide variety of companies.


Below are a few of the social media sites that we know exactly how to dominate and a little bit of information about each one.


Various Social Media Sites


Blogging – Each and every website should have a separate section for its blog. The blog needs to be regularly updated with highly useful information that is unique and relevant to your product or service.


Facebook – FaceBook is probably the best known social media outlet, and definitely the most popular one. On FaceBook you accumulate followers and “Likes” to expand your network. Once a customer has liked your page, you can provide them with your company content on a regular basis.


FaceBook also allows advertising on their website that a company can use to build up likes. One4Social's advertising gurus know precisely how to create a highly cost effective advertising campaign using this one of a kind social media powerhouse.


Twitter – Twitter is the second most popular form of social media interaction. When you send out a “Tweet”, it has to be 280 characters, or less. Needless to say, in order to get your message across you better understand Tweeting at its highest level, and One4Social does.


Google – This company is the world’s most dominate search engine and it can send massive amounts of traffic to your website and content. However, in order to get your website on the list of results for key searches you will need to know how to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Instagram – This is a very large photo sharing platform that has become a great tool to expand your presence online. It is important to portray the correct image and post relevant content to your company to make use of it properly.


Tumblr – If you are looking for a free website where you can create blogs to promote your company that will be well respected by the search engines, Tumblr is one of the best out there.


Pinterest – Pinterest is a content sharing platform that can use photos, videos and “pinned’ content to create boards.


One4Social is a reputable SEO company based out of Mountain View. Our marketing experts can help manage your social media campaigns to promote your brand.

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